Our Mission Team is working with the program "Undercover with GOD" and it has been an interesting Journey. What a great way to share testimonials in the Happy Fellowship with God with The Hearts of Rock Rose. We have been an online program for over twenty years to reach those who cannot get to a based Church in their area's.


God's network has grown internationally, Ministries working together under Unity.

We are so Blessed to have communications going into many areas especially our African Community having Fellowship under the Banana Tree.  Many soup kitchens and Homeless mobile units have started giving a "Duty of Care" to those in need all around the world.


God wants us to work together to get the message out, and many Ministries have given us input for learning and growing as a large Community around the world.  Christian Learning, Christian Movies, Speakers and many other programs has been offered to assist those who want to learn about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

Schools need chaplains to undertake Pastoral care and give the Children a good start in life. They are not there to preach or to try to convert them. They are there to guide them spiritually.

We are learning everyday something new with the Lord's guidance, and we do not proclaim to Know it all as God only knows it all.


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