Do you want a Miracle in your life?


Well I can tell you this, we have had many Miracles happened in our journeys and in our family especially with different illnesses.  All we need to do is BELIEVE IN HIM.


We need to Stop planting seeds of disorders, anxiety's, anything into yourself because you are claiming it. Stop worrying and hand it over to GOD and thank him for everyday.


We tend to feed on wrong things.  Tones, attitudes, listen to those that think they know it all.


We need to stay on guard.  


The Murmurs continue, some Television programs are trashy, it gets a lot of attention where it will be filling our mind with Trash.  If you put Trash in you get Trash out. Back Stabbers, troublemakers, it tends to take us off track in the same situation.


Plant seeds of encouragement into each others mind, watch the right programs, have a great discussion and stop the Discouraging. Start Free food outlets, and help feed your neighbor and they will help feed you. Everyone has problems in their life and home.


Don't feed on Trash, and we need to ask ourselves do we want to hear everyone's dirty laundry. Stay away from it no matter whether it is in a general discussion or over the phone, through emails.

So we would like to invite you and ask you;  are you ready to join Camp Renewed Youth Mission Deployment and start today?

Say this Prayer with us all:

Dear Lord Jesus,

I have repented my sins,

Come into my Heart,

Wash me clean,

I make you my Lord and Savior.



Now we believe you are Born again.


Spend some time with your Spiritual family at a local based Church in your Community, and we all know we need change, so stop complaining, help your local Church to grow.  Jesus never complained, he never labeled anyone and remember if we plant a small mustard seed it will grow if you encourage it, and not discourage it. 


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