Are you obedient to God's direction in your life?


You will experience abundance like you have never seen, for the righteous are always the people who prosper in times of famine.


Believe with all your might and pray for your enemies, stop complaining about them absolutely Pray for them.  God loves us all no matter what we might have done, remember Jesus died for our sins so basically we have been forgiven. 


The Lord is not full of hatred as he is full of Love and he expects us to love the same.  The Lord does no like us getting into conflict as we should flow Love and Peace among us all .  The Lord does not label us with cruel words but people do.  And we are not all perfect. Keep focused on the Light of Peace and not the darkness of destruction.

Thank God for everyday you wake up, thank him for the food on your table, and Pray to him and ask him to relieve your pain and grief.


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